A Special Touch

Goûter prides itself in being adaptable to your needs. Please contact us with your special orders and we will be happy to discuss your projects and advise on flavour profiles, colours etc. Please allow us a 72-hour notice to ensure that we can devote the time to perfecting your request. Should you wish to send chocolates or confiserie products to a loved one, please refer to our Terms and Conditions for shipping. Thank you for considering us and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Adapted from the recent Parisian hype, Goûter has reinvented best-selling  éclairs, with a modern twist and the unique ability to portray… well any design you like! From special gifts to loved ones to employee and team recognition, all-time favorite éclairs now become personal.


At Goûter, similar to making éclairs, making macarons is like a dance that is rehearsed a thousand times until they are perfect. Varieties include classic flavours with a touch of creativity (e.g.: milk chocolate, ACE coffee) or more surprising,  and yet just as harmonious, sweet and sour raspberry-passion fruit or gentle blueberry-yogurt. (We even occasionally serve a smoked salmon-chive-cream cheese macaron that is irresistible… Trust us!)

Chocolates & Confections

Goûter offers sweet-filled boxes to delight both the eyes and the palate. Combinations are endless! We can set up single products or blended combinations of sweets, in customized gift boxes. As chocolate work is one of our passions, we offer a regular preset selection of chocolates bonbons but we can also adapt your gifts to include our seasonal flavours and designs, as well as your special requests. Chocolates are available moulded or dipped.


We do not stop at simply chocolate bonbons, we can offer custom-made chocolate bars (varying sizes and weights) and panned products. 
Our color experts can work your company or theme colours directly onto each piece for that special touch.

Chocolaterie - tablettes

And last but not least, our specialty confections include soft caramels, nougat, mini colorful meringues, fruit jellies.