Goûter by RA is a pâtisserie, boulangerie and chocolaterie offering both retail and wholesale services, specializing in customized made-to-order products. We provide a modern twist on french classics and decadent confections, including: viennoiseries, fresh baked baguettes, decadent éclairs and beautiful handmade chocolates. All of our creations are made in house and baked fresh everyday using only quality ingredients.



1. to taste (to sample something orally)
2. (France) meal or snack similar to breakfast taken around 4 P.M.
3. (Quebec) to taste like

Rodney Alléguède | Owner and Head Pastry Chef 

ra-1Rodney Alléguède completed his studies of the culinary arts and hotel-restaurant management in Paris, France, including work terms in two-Michelin star institutions including Fouquet’s, Le violon d’Ingres (Maison Constant) and la Maison Lenôtre. Rodney began his career as a food purchaser for the City of Gennevilliers, but it was not until he moved to Canada that he found his calling as a Pastry Chef at Ma Maison. In this position he was able to refine his culinary skills, notably discovering the various manipulations of chocolate. Rodney’s passion for chocolate creations led him to partnerships with Cacao Barry, and The Chocolate Doctor.

In 2016 Rodney decided to follow his own inspiration with the opening of Goûter – a patisserie offering both retail and wholesale services, specializing in customized made-to-order products. Rodney said “in the world of pastry, sometimes it’s about going back to the essentials and making it taste as good as it can,” and that is exactly what Gouter accomplishes with a modern take on traditional French favorites.

From attending specialty schools in Europe and across North America, to working with master chocolatiers Jean-Marie Auboine and Christophe Morel and MOFs Jean-François Castagné and Jean-Michel Perruchon, Rodney is continually striving to innovate the world of authentic pastry and chocolates.

Rodney is an active promoter of the EZtemper, an easy temper seed generator created by The Chocolate Doctor; details available at www.eztemper.com.