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Goûter by RA is a pâtisserie, boulangerie, and chocolaterie 

that offers the best traditional classic French delicacies revisited with a modern twist.

Brainchild of Rodney Alléguède, Goûter is born in 2016 and since then specializes in custom made-to-order products that will make your palate travel miles, and magically transport you in an authentic French Cafeé looking out to the Eiffel Tower.

In-store, you will find every day freshly-baked baguettes, flaky viennoiseries, decadent éclairs and cakes, mouthwatering ice creams and beautifully hand-decorated chocolates, all this only 20 minutes from Downtown Toronto.


Can't make it to Goûter in person? Don't worry, we got you covered!


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Great idea for a quick lunch at the office, a sweet treat to brighten your day, an hassle-free tasty dinner or a last-minute party with friends and family - can never be miss cake!

But we at Goûter really want to make everyone happy, so we also sell wholesale to other businesses that want to serve incredible viennoiseries to their clients - this means you can find our yummy croissants scattered in different locations all over Downtown!

Love at first bite!

Want to know something more about Rodney,

apart from the fact he LOVES our ice cream cookie sandwiches?

Read on!

Rodney Alléguède is the owner and Head Pastry Chef of Goûter.

He completed his studies of the culinary arts and hotel-restaurant management in Paris, France. This allowed him work terms in Michelin Starred institutions - Fouquet’s, Le Violon d’Ingres (Maison Constant) and La Maison Lenôtre.

His work experiences in France and subsequently in Canada allowed him to refine his

culinary skills, and fall in love with pâtisserie, and chocolaterie.

In 2016 Rodney decided to follow his own inspiration creating Goûter.

“In the world of pastry, sometimes it’s about going back to the essentials and making it taste as good as it can”

This is the thought that goes behind every Goûter creation since the day its doors opened to the public, offering a modern takes on traditional French favorites.


Rodney always likes to keep updated on everything that the pastry world can offer and he attends classes at Specialty Schools in Europe and across North America, worked with master chocolatiers Jean-Marie Auboine and Christophe Morel and MOFs Jean-François Castagné and Jean-Michel Perruchon, Rodney is continually striving to innovate the world of authentic pastry and chocolates.

Rodney is also the brand ambassador for EZtemper by The Chocolate Doctor, a cocoa butter seed generator that enables to temper chocolate swiftly and with a perfect result every time. 

He's also in partnerships with Cacao Barry, a training instructor for PreGel Canada and Bravo North America.

Rodney & the culinary world

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