The health and safety of our community is uppermost on our minds with spread of Covid-19.
To limit exposure to surfaces and to implement social distance recommendations we will be temporarily closing the seating area.
The self-service corner will also be suspended temporarily. Our baristas will be happy to adjust your drink to your preference from behind the counter.
All food and beverages will be served in single-use takeout containers.
For the duration of the crisis we will go cashless and will accept only tap payments on all major credit cards (Amex included) and e transfers. 

We will be expanding our menu with simple, freshly made take-out and delivery meals.
We will provide a delivery service as follows:

  • $5 per order for delivery within 4 km of the store. Orders over $35 free delivery.

  • $10 per order for delivery between 4 and 8 km of the store. Orders over $70 free delivery.

  • $20 per order between 8 and 12 km of the store. Orders over $100 free delivery.

And remember you can always find us (and the extended menu) on UberEats and DoorDash.
Thank you for your understanding as we draw together as a community to get through the coming weeks.


 C a r a m e l  &  L i m e 

 R a s p b e r r y  &  C o c o n u t 

 C o f f e e 

 M a t c h a  T e a 

 C o o k i e s  &  C r e a m 

 M a p l e  &  P e c a n 

 A p r i c o t  &  Y o g u r t 

 P a s s i o n  F r u i t 

 F r e s h  M i n t 

 R o a s t e d  H a z e l n u t 

 P e a n u t  B u t t e r  &  J a m 

 S a l t e d  C a r a m e l 

The chocolate bonbons are hand-made in house with high-quality chocolate.

Our flavors change seasonally.

Call us up to know what is in stock today!

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